Forcepoint Web Security

Websense Web Security Gateway analyzes web traffic in real time, ensuring the safe use of the latest Web 2.0 technologies. The Web Security Gateway solution extends the capabilities of Websense Web Security and Websense Web Filter products with the functions of a scanning proxy server for analyzing web and SSL traffic. This makes it possible not only to instantly identify categories of new sites and dynamic content, but also to detect the latest security threats in real time by blocking hostile code.

Websense Web Security Gateway includes:

  • The Active Security module implements the analytical capabilities of ThreatSeeker technology on the Internet gateway, which allows detecting, blocking or deleting malicious code before it enters the internal network of the organization.
  • Powerful heuristic analysis tools, rules, signatures and behavioral detection methods are integrated into the global ThreatSeeker Network monitoring network, which provides constant updates to clients to detect the latest threats.
  • Content Gateway module - provides direct classification of new content and the ability to check SSL traffic. This module uses a powerful web caching platform and is able to detect proxy server circumvention attempts, adult content, hacker sites, etc., protecting users from potential risks associated with new unknown web content.


  • Combines powerful web security tools and unsurpassed ease of management and operation.
  • The intuitive control panel provides instant feedback for administrators on the current level of security, threat detection, channel congestion and user activity.
  • The integrated policy management and reporting console significantly reduces the TCO of the solution, and the ability to delegate administration and reporting rights significantly increases scalability.